Hearts & Swirls

I am obsessed with hearts and swirls!!  I notice them everywhere. I am drawn to anything that has them in their design or pattern. I am renowned for saying “ooh it’s got swirls … love a good swirl”!!  Ok, so I guess that could just mean that I love hearts & swirls, end of story. But I have come to realise that when I notice them, it is at the right place, at the right time, confirming for me that I am making a good decision or am on the right track. So now I’ve started to seek them out … continually looking for them everywhere.  I’ve started taking photos of them and have got a nice little collection started.  The more I seek them out, the more I notice them, the more I know I am on the right path and that the universe is somehow looking after me.  So here is the very first of my expanding collection. 

This photo was taken inside the entrance to my house one morning when the sun was streaming through the glass at the front door.  No, there are no heart shapes in the glass, but this is what was reflected onto the floorboards … a perfect little rainbow coloured heart … I just love it!  


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