Heart Centre

I need to thank my lovely sister in law, Bernadette, for today’s “heart + swirl” inspiration.  This is a card from Louise Hay’s affirmation card deck … Bern pulled this card the day she first read my “1heartaday” blog post!!   I especially love the positioning of the swirl … right in the heart centre!!!

And so the message from this card is “I am centered in truth and peace”.   Yep, it’s a challenge to try to let go of all our grudges or negative thoughts about people or situations.  But why spend precious energy on feeling bad about something you can’t change … either because it is in the past or because it is out of your control.

I would rather spend my energy on thoughts and activities that bring me joy, inspiration, love, excitement, passion, peace, happiness.  Sometimes it’s not easy to always be in this frame of mind, daily life certainly delivers constant challenges, but visual reminders such as these affirmation cards can help bring our attention inward again and help us focus on things that really matter.  Thanks again Bern!  And thank you Louise Hay for continuing to being an inspirational shining light in our world.


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