Travelling Pineapples

Ha ha … couldn’t resist this one!!!  I snapped these cute greeting cards recently in the supermarket (or the stupid market as I fondly refer to it!!) 

The first one that caught my eye was the photo of a beautiful beach scene shown through a heart shaped cut out … yep I thought … that’s a perfect way to take a photo of a holiday memory you want to keep forever.

Then I saw the funny card with the colourful little pineapples on a beach … and they’re wearing heart shaped sunglasses!!

Then my overactive imagination (sick humour some would say!) pictured the pineapples sending this card to their family in the tropics telling them what a wonderful time they were having on their honeymoon!!! So I popped the two cards together on the stand!!

Speaking of honeymoons … today my darling hubby & I are celebrating 25 years of marriage!   Happy Anniversary Anfy … love you!!  Looking forward to 25+ more years together xoxoxo


Heart Catcher!

I really don’t know what these little heart shaped baskets or nets are for!!!  I saw them in a beautiful homewares store the other day.  They were hiding amongst an array of outdoorsy type furniture, decor and knick knacks … all so beautifully displayed … a ploy of course to make you feel like your own home decorating style sucks and that you need to update it with their stylishly put together (not to mention expensive) ensemble!!!

The tag described them as “heart shaped nets” … are they meant to catch heart shaped fish or heart shaped butterflies maybe???  Or were they made by someone with romance in mind … specially crafted and magically able to capture someone’s heart?  Isn’t that a romantic notion??!! 

I resisted the temptation and decided that I didn’t really need little heart shaped nets … although I did think they would look cute in the garden somewhere … where spiders could build heart shaped webs around them!!! 🙂

A Swirl Of Protection

Isn’t it funny how children are sometimes so much more naturally inquisitive, intuitive and switched on that they help you see things you may have simply overlooked!!

My neighbour’s children were asking me yesterday what a “blog” was and what I was writing about in my blog.  I explained it was a bit of fun I was having finding 1 heart or 1 swirl a day, taking a photo of it, posting it on my blog and writing a little story to go with it.  They seemed marginally interested, and I thought it was maybe because they didn’t understand what it was all about.

Well how wrong could I be!!!  The new concept of a blog obviously took a little time to sink in to their necktop information system (aka the brain!!!) and then “whamo” their creativeness and eagerness to be involved kicked in!  Early this morning they came running over with an idea they had for my blog … an object they had thought of which was shaped as a swirl … something I had not even given an inkling of a thought about and yet I had been handling these objects every day for the past 3 weeks!!!!!   A mosquito coil !!!  We are holidaying on The Murray River and because it is in flood, the mosquitos are rampant and we’ve been burning these coils pretty much non stop!

So these little green swirls have been faithfully looking after us all by slowly sending out their little grey tendrils of scented smoke and warding off the pesky mozzies.  So as I said in my very first post … “gotta love a good swirl” !!!!

Words Not Always Required…

Don’t you love this cute little guy?  We paid a visit to the local video library the other day (why do they still call them video libraries when we can only get DVD or Blu-ray now???) and this little guy is part of their marketing/advertising material.  So I snapped him and added my little bit of creativity!!!!

The weather was lousy and we couldn’t do our normal daily holiday activities so we thought it was a good day to cosy up and be couch potatoes for a day.  So there we were, my son and I, finally forced to spend an entire day in each other’s company … something we haven’t done for such a long time … he is 13 and hanging with Mum is not on the top of his list of cool things to do!!!!  We both had a blast though … eating lollies, drinking soft drink while lying on the couch and sharing a blanket!   Even though we weren’t having in-depth conversations, and trying to solve the problems of the world, it was still a lovely way to spend the day with each other, sharing a laugh and just enjoying each other’s company without any interruptions.  Words aren’t always required when the heart is doing the talking!!!!  :-))

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