In The Moment

Do you sometimes feel that you’ve been spinning in an endless circle for days and never really getting anything accomplished?  This week was a busy one … not to the point where it was painful … because I like to be busy … but I felt like I had got to the end of my week so fast and couldn’t really picture what each day had been like.  It’s a bit like when you go for a drive and you arrive at your destination and don’t really remember anything from the journey … you sort of just turned up!!  Hmm, does that happen to other people or is it just me??!!  

My deepest thinking always happens during my morning walk.  I often listen to inspirational podcasted radio shows while I walk … sometimes I listen intently the whole time, other times I listen for a bit and then it gets me thinking about something and I totally tune out to the person talking in my ear and have a conversation with myself in my head instead!  Then the music for the end of the radio show comes on and I haven’t listened to a word they’ve said!!!!

So how does this relate to hearts & swirls??  Well that was the topic of my conversation with myself this morning!! When I think of a heart I immediately become aware of my own heart … which is in the centre of my body … the image it conjures up in my mind brings my thoughts back to me … what am I doing at that moment and how am I feeling?  And so my mindless “doing” sort of stops for a moment and I reconnect with me and how I am “being”.

Similarly with a swirl …  it’s sort of a visualisation of how we can spin off from our core self into our daily busy lives … we’re still connected to our centre, but the momentum of our lives has taken us farther and farther away.  But we always have the ability to turn inwards and spin back to the centre again.

So I’m using hearts & swirls as touchstones, if you like … having them around me and where I can see them each day helps me to remember to be centred.  To breathe and just “be” for that little moment in time … it only needs to be a few seconds.  Maybe if I do this often enough I will remember more about what happened each day and when the end of the week comes around again it won’t feel like the week has just flashed before my eyes!!

A big thank you to Kirra, my little 7 yo friend who is always on the lookout for hearts and swirls for my blog.  She appeared one day with a plate and a handful of rocks and then proceeded to create these patterns so that I could photograph them. I love her generous heart in wanting to make me happy and be involved with my little project … and I love her imagination, creativity and resourcefulness.


In The Eye of the Beholder

Okay, so this isn’t the most beautiful or the most colourful heart I have posted to date!  I wonder if you can guess what it actually is …..  well I’m going to keep you guessing until the very end!! 

I nearly walked by this little heart because it was so inconspicuous.  I took a second look and nearly walked on but something made me feel very protective of it … I just knew there was a message in there somewhere!!   So I took a snap and kept walking, wondering what the heck I would write about this one!!

After a few days of reflection, I realised that it doesn’t always have to be visual beauty that makes something so special … it’s the feelings that it invokes in you … what it represents to you … what memories it stirs up.  This was a little heart … perfectly formed and sitting there waiting for me to notice it.  Hearts remind me of love & happiness and so they conjure up good, positive feelings within in me … so it didn’t matter that this little heart was not colourful or quirky or mysterious … indeed it was very plain but it still made me stop and take notice because it was still a heart … and in doing so it gave me its little gift of  love!

So do you think you’ve guessed what it is??  I bet you didn’t!!

It’s a squashed piece of chewing gum on the pavement!!!   You will have to let me know if you guessed correctly!! 🙂

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