A Swirl Of Protection

Isn’t it funny how children are sometimes so much more naturally inquisitive, intuitive and switched on that they help you see things you may have simply overlooked!!

My neighbour’s children were asking me yesterday what a “blog” was and what I was writing about in my blog.  I explained it was a bit of fun I was having finding 1 heart or 1 swirl a day, taking a photo of it, posting it on my blog and writing a little story to go with it.  They seemed marginally interested, and I thought it was maybe because they didn’t understand what it was all about.

Well how wrong could I be!!!  The new concept of a blog obviously took a little time to sink in to their necktop information system (aka the brain!!!) and then “whamo” their creativeness and eagerness to be involved kicked in!  Early this morning they came running over with an idea they had for my blog … an object they had thought of which was shaped as a swirl … something I had not even given an inkling of a thought about and yet I had been handling these objects every day for the past 3 weeks!!!!!   A mosquito coil !!!  We are holidaying on The Murray River and because it is in flood, the mosquitos are rampant and we’ve been burning these coils pretty much non stop!

So these little green swirls have been faithfully looking after us all by slowly sending out their little grey tendrils of scented smoke and warding off the pesky mozzies.  So as I said in my very first post … “gotta love a good swirl” !!!!


Hearts by Nature

Isn’t nature wonderful?  These leaves were actually the inspiration for me to create my 1heartaday blog in the first place!

I found these beautiful little heart shaped leaves on one of my morning walks.  The large one on the left was the first one I stumbled across … it was sitting in the middle of the path just waiting for me!  I held it in my hand and marvelled at it every few minutes along the way.  I looked and looked for more of these little beauties but it wasn’t until and hour later when I was walking back up to my house that I found its little mate!

I’m glad that I was aware enough to notice them … and when I look at the chain of events that have happened from that moment of discovery, I realise that the little things sometimes really do matter.  No matter how insignificant you think something might be, if it strikes a chord and ignites a little spark of an idea or imagination in you, then listen to your heart and your inner guidance system … there may be something bigger in store for you … you just never know where it might lead you!!

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